My McDonald’s – Session Rd Escapade


I couldn’t help but to rage at the Macca’s manager. It happened on the second day of the new Macca’s Session Rd. All the dining areas were congested. I thought I would be able to kind of stand the chaos in the resto but I literally raged at the manager after finding out that the line I fell in wasn’t the line to the cashier but the line for customers who have made their order. It was bloody chaotic escapade. Before I burst with anger, the outside order taker had seen the growing line of people to the bloody POS less counter. But he didn’t give a shit about the people falling in the wrong line at all. Raging at one cashier partner, the manager came over to take my order but I was like “no way, I gotta get out of this place now!” The freaking counter partner had advised me to fall in the correct line before the manager turned up. She didn’t even figure out that me and the other customers behind me had been waiting in that bloody queue and I had been on my feet for ages! I left the resto and headed to KFC. I got chicken with rice, chips, and of course a chicken sandwich.





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