My McDonald’s – Session Rd Escapade

I couldn’t help but to rage at the Macca’s manager. It happened on the second day of the new Macca’s Session Rd. All the dining areas were congested. I thought I would be able to kind of stand the chaos in the resto but I literally raged at the manager after finding out that the line… Continue reading My McDonald’s – Session Rd Escapade

The Korean Palace

Korean Palace Restaurant (Baguio City) is located along South Drive which is like less than 10 minutes away from Session Rd. by taxi. It’s across from the sari-sari store (shop). The dishes are amazing and the staff is friendly. As you step in, the owner of the restaurant will greet you. There’s a whole lot… Continue reading The Korean Palace

Macca’s Chicken Sandwich Meal


I finally got my afternoon chips and burger at Macca’s Magsaysay after a very long busy day of having my migration documents processed. I was fairly craving for chicken burger. It brought me delight. The crispiness of the chips brought me happiness. And the Coke quenched my thirst. This is basically my first blog on here. Welcome to Chips and Burger Experience. My site name sounds like a name of a restaurant. Well basically I look forward to putting up a restaurant which will be called Chips and Burger Experience. I hope no one is using this name yet.









McDonald’s Baguio-Magsaysay – Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City, Philippines